The scrub – the secret to a new and wonderful skin!


    Coming out of the shower, as usual, I passed on my body almond oil and I noticed that my skin is too dry.That is terrible to me, but it is also normal, since the whole summer I have exposed my body to the sun, without even exfoliation,and this is a wrong thing too.

      Girls, I really think it’s time to scrub (exfoliation), an essential ritual for those who want to have a soft and brightest skin.   The purpose of a scrub is to remove dead cells, which gradually accumulate on the skin. In fact, dead cells that remain on the epidermis prevent to the new ones, to arrive at the surface and consequently the skin is more dry. Exfoliating our skin,we keep it younger and also we prevent the stretch marks.

     There are various types of scrub: scrub enzymatic, chemical scrubs, mechanical scrub and the difference between the one and the other, is in the composition of the products used and in mode of action, that means, one can be more invasive than other, acting more in depth.

     The scrub can be done easily, at home with natural products, so be prepared  girls, I have a simple recipe, of course, for those who like to take care of her skin and wants to delay aging skin, as much as possible!

     Put in a bowl of brown sugar, sweet almond oil, some milk and a tablespoon of honey. It should have the consistency of a cream, neither liquid nor too thick trope. Pass it on dry skin and massaggiate.The brown sugar smoothes (mechanical peeling), milk and honey by enzymes (enzyme peeling) nourish the skin leaving it smooth … This scrub is also excellent for removing the hair under skin .

     Hope this was helpful, good scrub and so much beauty!



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