How to cancel the stretch marks,big enemy of all women!


Today I think of my dear friend who, everytime we go on the beach, is embarrassed because she has a lot of stretch marks on her body.She always tells me to being very sorry for not having listened to her sister,who reccomanded to her,to use for the whole body,during pregnancy,almond oil as it is very nourishing and moisturizing.Oh yes,perhaps she could prevent this disaster!

These scars that occur on the skin,due to breakage of the elastic fibers of the dermis,are a real disaster for us women,and create us a lot of discomfort.Some of us can resign oneself and live with these atrophies,but some No,and are always in search of remedies,to erase them or at least reduce them.

Unfortunately,stretch marks are at 99% permanent,at the beginning have a reddish appearance,but they fade away over time, becoming white and lucide.Puberty,the pregnancy,the weight gain followed by a strong weight loss, bodybuilding,hormone replacement therapy, this are the factors that lead to the appearance of these scars,in areas more suscetible such as the abdomen,breasts,buttocks,thighs and hips.Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, but are most likely to appear in places where larger amounts of fat are stored.
They are various treatments for the purpose of improving the appearance of existing stretch marks, including laser treatments, dermabrasion, and prescription retinoids.But to date, the only remedy that can permanently delete these scars is the aesthetics tecnicha based on micro-excision of skin to be treated, which by the way, does not show any obvious sign.   These sessions of aesthetics microsurgery are realized with local anesthesia, at a distance of 15/20 days of each other and the number of treatments depends on the extent of scarring.

The good news is that stretch marks can be prevented by time practicing physical exercise (between the recommended sports are the step, pilates and running) and maintaining a healthiest alimentation.
It is very important to learn to take care of our skin.It is recommended to apply oils (sweet almond, winch, jojoba, avocado) on wet skin immediately after showering, and moisturizers that improve skin elasticity.

To prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, to use almond oil as a soothing and very nutritious, which makes the skin very elastic .One of the best remedy to reduce these imperfections reveals the great argan oil, a true gift of beauty.

So… new mothers, expectant mothers, teenagers, in fact all of us women, may suffice just a little a bit of oil after the shower and bye bye stretch marks!


5 pensieri su “How to cancel the stretch marks,big enemy of all women!

  1. Mohammad Hussien ha detto:

    Hai! You’re right … In fact these things are global problems at every place that you see coming out a new thing, without thinking about it more, everyone goes to buy it, do it, or repeat it. But personally, I’m not so !!! and always try to do what I prefer. Do not repeat something spieciale and I do what I think is suitable for me after doing research.

    Thanks for the article, you’re going to inform a disadvantage of what ever the majority of the people wanted to do it. 🙂

    • vadana33 ha detto:

      The most of people think that a product can resolve it ,and buy everything is new,always with hope,but that’s wrong!Only the laser therapy can resolve this problem…

  2. talker blogger ha detto:

    I read once “stretch marks are like the stripes of a tiger than a woman has earned after childbirth. It says I am a winner” .. I have stretch marks and though they are not pretty I am proud of them


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